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Jennifer Aniston’s Dolly & Clyde : Two Rescued Dogs Who Found Their Forever Home with a Hollywood Star!

When it comes to finding your forever home, you can’t get much better than with Hollywood star Jennifer Aniston.

As one of the most beloved actors in the industry, Aniston has found success in both her professional and personal life – but that doesn’t mean she isn’t open to sharing her world with a few furry friends

Introducing Dolly and Clyde – two of Aniston’s prized rescues who found their way into her heart (and her home) several years ago.

Both of these pups are mixed breeds, consisting of Beagle and Maltese for Dolly and American Bulldog for Clyde.

It is no surprise that these two have become instant favorites among fans, thanks to their frequent appearances on the star’s Instagram page.


Dolly takes after her namesake by being quite the little diva around the house.

She loves nothing more than dressing up in cute outfits and snuggling up close with her mom during cuddle sessions on the couch.

Meanwhile, Clyde plays the role of protector and companion – often seen by Aniston’s side as she goes about town running errands or attending events.

Both dogs appear just as happy spending time outdoor playing fetch or going for long jog alongside their owner when possible.

Not surprisingly, both Dolly and Clyde have experienced an overwhelming amount of love from fans online – something which has resulted in them having quite a significant social media presence themselves.

You can often find posts dedicated solely to one or both of these charming pooches scattered across various celebrity pet accounts as well as posts featuring them right next to famous A-listers like George Clooney and Brad Pitt!


To sum it up, we think it’s safe to say that when it comes to finding their forever homes – few pups can top what Dolly and Clyde have achieved!

We’re sure they would agree too – after all, not every pup gets to spend their days lounging about Hollywood with a movie star like Jennifer Aniston!

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