Are you thinking about getting a puppy? Perhaps a rescue dog or a purebred puppy? These tips from Samantha Waites will help you make the best decision about your new furry family member.

A puppy is not a plaything. It is a new member of the family and a great responsibility. That’s why you need to take care when selecting a new dog and then take proper care of the animal. Here are our top tips for taking good care of your purebred puppy.

Know the Problems Associated with the Breed

You can save yourself a lot of frustration if you know the problems associated with a breed, especially if you learn about it before you buy the animal. For example, Dalmatians are prone to deafness.

If you are considering a specific breed, you can have the animal screened for these problems so you don’t take one home that has the issues. Or, if you’re willing to take care of such a puppy, you know what the issue is and can learn from the vet how to deal with it. If you know that the dog is prone to respiratory problems due to a short pug face or joint issues, you’ll know to get the dog to the vet if they start developing these issues.

Select a Reputable Breeder

Choose a reputable breeder before you adopt a purebred puppy. Reputable breeders will be honest about the pedigree of the pet. More importantly, they won’t breed unhealthy animals or create inbred puppies. That will result in dogs that are prone to health problems in addition to what is already a risk with any purebred puppy.

Understand the Dog’s Needs Relative to Personality and Breed

An energetic dog is going to need more walks than a more sedate one. They may rip up the furniture out of boredom or refuse to go home when you take them for a walk. Some dogs are more social than others. If you have one that craves attention, leaving them home alone all day will cause acting out. Choose a puppy that matches your family’s lifestyle.

Every dog needs food and water. However, it is easy to make mistakes in this area. How much food does the dog need? Ask your vet. What food should be kept away from the dog? Learn what your pet shouldn’t be eating, and teach the kids not to feed these things to the puppy. For example, neither the toddler nor the puppy knows that chocolate candies are dangerous to dogs. Don’t let your kids give the dog chicken bones, either.

Get the Dog Properly Trained

Know how to train the dog to relieve itself outside before you bring it home. Get the necessary supplies to deal with accidents in the interim. If this isn’t something you want to deal with, select a puppy that is already housebroken.

Are you going to use a crate to contain the dog when you’re not home? Get information on how to do crate training. Get the puppy used to the crate now such as putting treats and familiar toys in it, so they don’t freak out if you put them in it when company arrives.

Always arrange for obedience training when the dog is old enough. Learn how to work with your dog and understand the commands you’re giving them.

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