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Five-year-old INDIAN baby girl gets rabies and dies despite not being bitten by dog

The terror of stray and biting dogs has been seen in the city for some time now. In most cases, small children have been bitten by dogs. Last week, a two-year-old girl died after being bitten by a dog near Khajod’s disposal site. One such incident has come to light. A strange and shocking case has happened in the city. A five-and-a-half-year-old girl from Palanpur Jakatnaka area of the city has died. Shocking details have come out that the girl was licked by a dog six months ago and the girl died due to this act of dogs.

Incident in Palanpur Jakatnaka area of india: Six months ago, a dog ran after a girl child.
Dog licked girl’s wound: Despite injection, girl developed rabies
The girl died within two days of showing symptoms of rabies

According to the information received, the girl who fell while walking in Palanpur Jakatnaka area six months ago got injured on her clothes. When the dog licked the wound, its saliva entered the wound on the girl’s forehead. However, after six months of this incident, the girl started showing symptoms of rabies and was admitted to Smear Hospital for further treatment. Where the child died early this morning.

Putri Khushi, the five-and-a-half-year-old daughter of photographer Jainishbhai, who lives in the Sant Dyaneshwar Society at Palanpur Jakatnaka, fell down six months ago when a dog ran after her. However, Janishbhai chased the dogs away before the dog could bite. Khushi was also given an injection as a precaution.

Meanwhile, Khushi’s health suddenly deteriorated last week. His body and behavior began to show signs of rabies. The girl’s family first took the girl to a private hospital, but the doctors there advised her to take her to a government hospital, saying she had rabies. So the girl was admitted to the Smear Hospital on Monday afternoon. In Smeer, the girl was admitted to the PICU ward and kept on ventilator. Where he died this morning during treatment. The families were shocked after the death of one of their children.

The family panicked seeing these symptoms in the baby girl
Jainishbhai further said that six months ago, when his daughter fell, she got an injury on her forehead. A dog also ran behind him. But then I chased the dog away. The dog was not even allowed to bite, but six months after the incident, the girl started showing symptoms like rabies. Khushi was afraid of water and air. Seeing these symptoms, the doctors of the private hostel also replied that it is not possible for him to survive, but with a hope, he was brought to the Smeer Hospital.

Suspect of dog saliva entering the wound on the body
Doctors at Smeer Hospital said that the girl was not bitten by the dog but showed symptoms of rabies. From these symptoms, it is suspected that the girl fell and got an injury on her forehead. Then the dog that ran after him licked his wound. Therefore, it is suspected that Khushi developed rabies due to dog saliva entering Khushi’s body and blood through her wound.


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