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After She Was Doused in Gas and Set on Fire, This Dog’s Road to Recovery Is Paved With Love

Thanks to some lan outpouring of internet support and surgery—somehow including breast implants—Riona is doing much better.

A sweet dog in Memphis, Tenn., whose lovey personality captured the internet’s heart after a horrific attack last month has taken the first major steps in her recovery—all while love continues to pour in for her on TikTok and Facebook. Thanks to all that support, her two champions, and some innovative surgery, Riona should be ready for adoption just months after she was set on fire.

On the evening of June 20, residents of the Nutbush community in Memphis were shocked to see a dog running down their street completely engulfed in flames. Good Samaritans immediately doused the dog in water from hoses and pools, but the damage was extensive: fourth-degree burns on over 60 percent of the little dog’s body. After initially being taken to Memphis Animal Services, the pup was then delivered to the caring hands of Tails of Hope Dog Rescue and their friends at Bluff City Veterinary Specialists. That’s where Riona first met Tails of Hope founder Ginger Natoli and Bluff City veterinary technician Mallory McLemore, the two women who would spearhead the extensive recovery efforts.

The 1-year-old pit bull mix had been covered in gasoline before she caught fire. “When I first saw a photo of her, I said, ‘Oh, she’s got some road rash. Yeah, we can help her,’” Natoli tells Daily Paws. “It wasn’t until we saw her in person that we knew this was something more serious.”

Riona’s Worldwide Support

With Riona in safe hands, a her rescuers undertook a two-pronged approach. Natoli began her own detective work, speaking with neighbors and witnesses to help pin down exactly what happened and assist the Memphis Police Department’s investigation. McLemore and the staff at Bluff City began Riona’s medical care: cleaning wounds, changing bandages with Riona under anesthesia, and feeding her by hand.

To help document the process and raise awareness of Riona’s situation, McLemore also started a TikTok account for her, Justice4Riona. “She started it just expecting to reach a few people, and all of a sudden that first video had 3 million views and we were all amazed,” Natoli says. That first video now has 6.4 million views on TikTok, and McLemore keeps the account’s 115,000 followers updated with several posts a day.

The reaction to the videos has been overwhelming for the two women who have made Riona’s care their priority. Not only have people flooded each post with comments and likes, but they’ve also sent the recovering pooch countless letters of support, donations, and a bevy of toys, blankets, and snacks via Amazon. A limited run of “Justice 4 Riona” T-shirts has sold over 2,000 units to help defray the costs of her care.

Every video of Riona taking a short walk outside or showing off her latest colorful bandages ignites a new wave of love and support on social media. For a small shelter like Tails of Hope, every single dollar donated or blanket bought or petition signed does a world of good, both physically and in morale.


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